Oh No .....!!!  What's that I just saw??!!  

Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  No .... it's a strand of WHITE HAIR!!! Uuurrrgghhhh .......


Oh no!!!  OH NO!!!!  Totally unexpected and I do not anticipated to find a strand of white hair growing at this age!!  No No No!!  I still didn't see it there yesterday but today, puffff ~~~ it just appear from nowhere, just like that!

Not enough vitamins?  Growing old too fast??  Thinking too much lately???  Working too hard????  Worrying too much?????  

Must be worrying too much!!  Hhhhmmmmm ..... Maybe ....... just maybe ...... *thinking*

But hey!!  What can a 5-year-old worried until white hair starts popping out from this kiddo's head?

Oh no .... My poor Angel :'(


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