Annabelle is 2 years old in June and I only post up her birthday celebration now   Hope it's not too late 

Again, sourcing for her cake is so hard as usual and finally,we have agreed for this design on the very last minutes with the baker and actually, I really love this cake and it's my most favourite cake over the past years.  Just love the whole design and setting on the cake itself and I am actually over the moon that we are finally having a non fondant cake for the kid 


Daddy has flew back specially for this princess's 2nd birthday and we booked for a family dinner at FULLHOUSE restaurant which just opened it's newest branch in KK not long ago.  Princess Belle is dressed up in her little Swan fairy white tutu and put on her blink blink shoes which I source from Bangkok.  Oh, she looks so cute isn't she??? 


Finally this 2 princess didn't fight for once and holding hands waiting for the seats .... just because their very very fierce stern Kung Kung (grandpa) is joining us for dinner 

Somehow the dinner turn out to be a little 'tense' at the restaurant due to 2 active kids and a military and stern type of grandpa who doesn't like kids to make a mess on their dinning table or make noise, plus he couldn't find his usual favourites 'chicken chop' on the menu and starts complaining  but .... I am glad that everything turns out ok and we ended the dinner in a rush manner.


Little Annabelle really loves her cake and can't wait to put her fingers on them.  The fragile big fondant butterfly on the cake (refer 1st picture above) didn't survive from her constant touching, pulling and twisting and fall apart immediately  so I replaced the decorations with 2 cute candles instead :)  So hard to maintain the original shape of the cake when kids, especially my 2 active kids were anywhere near it.  But hey, it's the kids birthday and it's meant to be like that, isn't it? 


Finally after the photography sessions, it's totally ANNABELLE'S TIME!!!!!  With a green go button shown, she quickly lower her head and then take a deep bite onto those better cream and having a feast!!    Look at her smile and that creamy face of hers and you would know how happy she was to finally allow to do what she wants with her very own birthday cake 


Following was, her most favourite part - poking those little fingers into the cake.  She just love doing this and she has done that on her Jie Jie Angel's birthday too.  Must be feeling so good dipping those finger in rich cream and enjoying those sweet destruction of hers 


Pressie time finally!  I think both girls were so exited that Angel has forgotten that it's Mei Mei Annabelle's birthday. She would helpfully tore away all those wrapper for Annabelle as if it's her own birthday 


So that's a glimpse of what Annabelle gets for her 2nd birthday.  An Ang Pow from her Grandpa, A Mother Garden picnic set from Mommy and Daddy, a Vtech caterpillar toys also from Mommy and Daddy, a kids kitchen stove set which she absolutely love from her beloved Grandma, a Fisher Price drum set from her Uncle and finally, a panda bear maze set also from Mommy and Daddy.


Mommy and Daddy hope that you have a blast and you are looking so sweet on your birthday :) We love you so much and mommy just hope that as you gets older, you and your Jie Jie will quarrel less and fight less over the same toy ya 

Kisses and lots of love from Mommy, Daddy and Jie Jie Angel Happy Birthday to my sweet baby Annabelle! 


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  • Stephanie
  • Oh my!!!!! I love the cake!! I love the swan tutu dress!!!! I love her cute crown hairpin!!! I love jiejie's puffy ball tutu dress!!!! I love everything u prepared for them!!!! Lovely!

    Happy birthday sweetie Annabelle...
  • Thanks! Don't know when I can have a birthday party for my girls just like yours :) must be a lot of work ..... let me "consider" first cos I am not good in planning.

    Carolinegoh 於 2012/11/07 18:20 回覆

  • Valerie Ooi
  • Seems like she likes cute little bugs?
    I love her mischievous smile and the naughty act of biting the cake off. Yeah! this is kid.
  • I love bugs actually :p

    Carolinegoh 於 2012/11/07 18:21 回覆

  • Le@nn Tey
  • 长大了。。妹妹样子甜哦。。


  • 想到蛋糕反正是买給她的,一年一次,她开心就好,只要留一边给家人就行了! :)

    礼物啊 。。。。 呵呵呵,我还有很多正找机会送呢。太可爱了,忍不住手 。

    Carolinegoh 於 2012/11/07 18:46 回覆