As Angel gets older, I have stopped tidying after her and asked her to have her share in tidying up around the house for things that she messed up with. My sofa cushion will forever not staying at where they suppose to be just 5 minutes after I put them back. And the toys will never ever stays inside their toy box even when they are not played.

 I also starts asking her to make her own bed and our bed too (although I will probably redo it after her most of the time) just to put her into a habit of making her bed every morning during weekends and also "keep her occupied" while I was busy preparing breakfast in the kitchen.

 Then one day, while I asked her to make the beds while I was busy preparing breakfast in the kitchen. She must be very frustrated about this bed making routine and then suddenly I hear her shouting from inside the bedroom.

 "Urrrghhh ...... Mommy, I am so tired of making the beds and keeping all my toys everyday and doing EVERYTHING!! Why do I need to do this everytime and you are doing NOTHING?"

 Then she continues ....

"Are you a STEPMOTHER asking me to do all these, huh????!!!!"

 "I'm a ... What????"  I am really speechless. So I just put down the halfway done breakfast and say to her:

 "Ok, then your Stepmother will start tidying up the bed and you please make breakfast for yourself ok, Cinderella? After that starts vacuum the floor, mopping and hang the clothes outside the house too my sweetheart. After that go to the market and do groceries and prepare for lunch too ya ......."

 Then suddenly she stopped me half way and say

"OK OK OK ..... I will make my bed now and can you please stop talking and CONCENTRATE in making breakfast, Mommy?"

Sigh ...... Really kek-sei-ngo la.

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  • Stephanie
  • OMG... How old is she again??? She speaks very logically ! Hahahahaa!
  • She is 5

    Carolinegoh 於 2012/10/26 10:51 回覆

  • Le@nn Tey
  • 娃哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈。。。

    我女儿哦,有时候那个小的在妈咪妈咪的,姐姐就会很大声,妈咪!你no manners啊,人家叫你,你duno 讲话阿。。。

  • 哈哈哈, 你女儿也不赖哦 :P

    是咯,无端端被说是后母,哇捞 ..... 心里当时有"揪"了一下的,呵呵呵。


    Carolinegoh 於 2012/10/26 12:31 回覆

  • KT
  • @@|| Cinderella? hahaha ....
  • 她真觉得我是灰姑娘的后母 。。。。

    Carolinegoh 於 2012/10/28 18:59 回覆

  • Maggie 玛菊妈妈
  • I give angel darling a big great clap.... These is all bedtime story's fault... Kiyo has youtube's fault, she is telling ghost story....

    I loves ur concept of making her understanding the hard work of mummy, she will slowly think in ur shoes, and you will soon have a caring understanding daughter.... Mine still shouting "excuse me" when I mopping the floor n blocking her view...
  • hahaha ..... My Angel is doing the same as Kiyo too, when ever I am mopping the floor and block her view, she will shout out loud. But I hope that she gets to learn slowly and how that my girls understand that we are her parents and not their maid although I looked and acted like one already. Time to make some adjustment :)

    Carolinegoh 於 2012/11/13 10:36 回覆